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Rhea’s Story For Change In the end, it seems I took my Stories for Change project pretty literally. Looking back now it was an obvious choice, but I struggled for a while to figure out what I was passionate about and the whole idea behind this initiative is to do, create, organise or promote something that we hope will inspire and change our community for the better. The following …

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Natalie’s Story For Change With two full days to work on a passion project of my choice, it was nigh on impossible to know where to begin. Am I an eco-warrior? Should I be raising awareness for loneliness in the elderly community? I’ve always wanted to support a local charity or volunteer my time with a non-profit organisation? 12 months pass and I still haven’t committed to my Stories …

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James’ Story For Change When I was a little and learning how to play football, I can remember a friend’s dad saying something along the lines of, “James, don’t look at the ball, look up at where you want the ball to go, kick it and you’ll hit your target.” At the time, this advice made almost no sense to me. I was convinced a successful shot or pass …

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Minimal Beauty body scrub

Ali’s Story For Change For my project, I collaborated with YouTube vlogger, vegan, minimalist, animal-rights, environmental warrior – Madeleine Olivia – to create an e-book. Minimal Beauty contains beauty DIY recipes that encourages us to minimise waste by recycling, save money by ditching expensive cosmetics and protect our skin by using natural ingredients. It explores eco and animal friendly options which is what inspired Idenna to support this project …

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Cornwall Beaver Project

Clare’s Story For Change Whilst studying at Exeter University and training to be a Dive Instructor, I started taking photos to raise awareness of the issues facing the natural world. I believe that using media to raise awareness for conservation and environmental purposes is key to future protection of our natural resources. Recently, I was fortunate enough to start working alongside the Cornwall Wildlife Trust, documenting the progress of …

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