Open, Honest, Fair, Professional, Unconventional, Fun and Courageous – our core values help us to create a thriving, rewarding environment for the team and our clients. Agreed on by all of us (not just plucked from thin air), our values are based on how Idenna has evolved and reflect the attributes of every member of the team.

We embrace our individuality by actively avoiding a rigid management culture, instead, focusing on our clients and being an extension of their team, listening well, having worthwhile conversations and ensuring great client relationships. We believe wholeheartedly in what we’re doing and where we’re going – in our work, our clients and company culture. Titles are meaningless if you’re not a good person first.


We’re open in everything we do, with each other and with our clients. This commitment is deeply ingrained in our culture – straight-talking, no jargon or marketing spiel – we do the right thing and trust our gut feeling.


Sincere, clear communication from a team that you can trust implicitly. We listen with intention, provide sound, informed solutions and simplify the complicated.


We bring value with a unique, full service offering underpinned by experience, passion, strategy, measurement and impact. We never stop learning and growing, constantly striving to be better, do better. Innovative ideas are invaluable, tangible results are priceless.


Only dead fish go with the flow. We creatively break the mould and reinvent, think differently and challenge the status quo – it’s all about the wow moments. We’ve been known to make our clients cry – in a good way of course.


On personal and professional levels, our values reflect the world we are trying to shape. Fair believes in respect, honour and trust. We’re compassionate, loyal and understand that life isn’t always fair, but when it is, it’s better.


We’re lucky to work in a fast paced, exciting industry and we love what we do. We’ll bring steadfast positivity, innovative ideas and passion for our craft. A sense of humour is so important and we work hard but laugh at every opportunity. If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.


Brave, audacious and intrepid: we take the road less travelled. We succeed when our clients succeed, so we continue to push the boundaries and challenge ourselves and our ideas. Every day, in every way, our world changes and nowhere is this more evident than the crowded media landscape. To make the most of change, we approach each day with an open mind and innate curiosity.

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