Education For Students

Idenna specialises in creativity – whether this is in digital, social or print media. There is never a dull day at our office: we are constantly coming up with new ideas, pitching to prospective clients and figuring out ways to tackle new challenges.

We welcome work experience applications from students of all experience levels – from GCSEs to PHDs. Our purpose in working with you is twofold: firstly, we can offer an exciting and varied placement of working in a professional creative environment; secondly, we love the passion and energy that you can bring to the business.

As an intern for Idenna, you will be a crucial member of the team and have the opportunity to work on an initiative which embodies all of our core values – the Stories for Change project.

From photography, web design, social media, film production, graphic design, blogging, PR to

project management, our team members are all experts in their fields and you will benefit with working with professional creatives on projects that they feel very passionate about.

Whilst you might be expected to pitch in with client work and make at least one round of coffee (or maybe take the dog for a stroll), what we won’t do is relegate you to photocopying. You will have a chance to work on inspiring projects that are specific to your career aspirations – whatever they may be.

We are looking to inspire (and maybe even harvest) creative talent – if you are looking for an exciting experience in a busy creative agency then get in touch. We are always happy to hear from people – please be aware we do have limited spaces but we will always get back to you to let you know.

If you want to get in the picture click here to get in touch.

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