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Stories are at the heart of how we communicate; they inspire, create energy, ideas and make change.

We’re a small creative team who pack a big punch for our clients. We are storytellers and game changers – it is our vocation, our talent and our passion. Stories for Change is an Idenna campaign that harnesses our talents and delivers projects for no other reason than that we hope they will change our world and community for the better.

Recognising that everyone is unique with different inspirations and aspirations, the team are given the opportunity to use a designated amount of Idenna hours and resources, set aside specifically to follow their ambitions and create their own projects around something they believe in.

Stories for Change is an initiative to energise, incite and propel our team to tell the stories that matter to them, which in turn helps to shape what we do and who we are. A passion we may not be able to pursue full-time, whatever it is that makes our heart sing – we’re empowering people to harness their interests and blur the lines between home and work. People are fundamentally more creative if their lives aren’t compartmentalised.

This is all about loving what we do, doing what we love and changing the world one story at a time – that’s cool right?

Stories for Change kicked off in April 2017, below are some of our stories so far. Click here if you would like to get your story told with the help of the Idenna team.


Simon’s Story For Change As part of our Stories for Change initiative, I decided to use my time to create an …


Simon’s Story For Change For my Stories for Change project, I teamed up with The Riding for the Disabled centre in …

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Rhea’s Story For Change In the end, it seems I took my Stories for Change project pretty literally. Looking back now …

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Natalie’s Story For Change With two full days to work on a passion project of my choice, it was nigh on …

The Final Straw Stories For Change Image

James’ Story For Change When I was a little and learning how to play football, I can remember a friend’s dad …

Minimal Beauty body scrub

Ali’s Story For Change For my project, I collaborated with YouTube vlogger, vegan, minimalist, animal-rights, environmental warrior – Madeleine Olivia – …

Cornwall Beaver Project

Clare’s Story For Change Whilst studying at Exeter University and training to be a Dive Instructor, I started taking photos to …

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