Idenna in A Nutshell

Idenna creates meaningful stories to help clients grow their businesses through persuasive and impactful campaigns – all delivered by great people who love what they do.

To put it simply: we’re creative, we get stuff done, we make you money and we have fun in the process.

At Idenna, we believe that everything we do and everyone we work with has unlimited potential. People who make the most of their lives can do amazing things which propel others to do the same; inspiring storytelling is at the heart of this universal truth – it always has been and always will be.

Borderline obsessed with helping the businesses we work with add value to their investment in us, we come up with game-changing ideas and produce wow-moment film, photography, copy, social media, graphic design, websites and consultancy.

With every discipline under one roof, we have formed a powerhouse of creative storytellers, all working collaboratively towards the same goal: to help the businesses we work with find their voice and reach their customers in the most effective way by delivering the best possible content, campaigns and stories.

That most of our business comes in through recommendations is no coincidence – we’ve earned our reputation as innovators ready to take on every brief and challenge, pushing forward with infectious energy and a can-do-will-do approach.

We take on every project with a desire to add huge value to the businesses we work with.
Let’s go…

Idenna in A Nutshell | Idenna Creative