About Us

We’re explorers, optimists, artists, designers, scribes, daydreamers and do-ers, with one fundamental thread in common: our belief in storytelling. Why? Good stories create simple human connections; they’re inspiring, influential and make you feel something – sadness, laughter, joy, but never indifference.

A full service creative house comprising of talented and dynamic copywriters, researchers, social media managers, graphic designers, photographers, filmmakers, web designers and all round media magpies, we tell compelling stories in the right way to the right people using a collaborative and integrated approach across mixed media. We’re driven by our collective power and ability to form a multi-talented team around client projects; with every discipline under one roof, we help the businesses we work with to find their voice and purpose, and reach their customers in the most effective way.

Most of our business comes in through recommendations and word of mouth, which gives a real sense of who we are and the work we produce. There’s no such thing as a ‘too hard’ box – we have earned our reputation as innovators ready to take on every brief and challenge,

pushing forward with infectious energy and a can-do-will-do approach. We stay focused, get stuck in and make things happen with spirit and intention. We understand that every business is looking for something different, so we aim to find the answers to every kind of challenge no matter how big the project.

We’re particularly proud of our team – we make a point of ensuring there are just great characters achieving their potential, doing what they love, where they love. Based in Cornwall, we create world-class content in a constantly evolving digital landscape, without the sound of sirens, traffic jams and city smog. Just twenty minutes from Newquay Airport, we can incorporate a lunchtime surf into client visits.

We love Idenna, the brand we’re building together and central to that is our character, our culture and values. We’re clear on what’s important to us; no posturing, no office politics, just good people working to be the best they can be and making the most of the one life we’re blessed with. Stories with Character – makes sense, right?

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