Our Showreel

Our Showreel showcases a broad range of projects we have worked on. We produce films for all uses across various platforms; we are passionate about telling our customers’ stories and would love to help tell yours.

Examples of Our Work

Below are some examples of recent films that we think would be of interest to you.

A to Z Accommodation

The timeline for this film had to fit around university term times; the project was planned and shot with a very specific deadline (an Induction Event where it was being shown) and a clearly defined budget. The aim of the project was to deliver practical and important information in a fun and watchable way that lined up with a famously creative university.

Bodmin Sixth Form

A couple of years ago we re-branded Bodmin College. We capitilised the B in their name and used it as a verb to lead a number of positive sentences, Be a Scientist, Be an artist. This concept is central to their brand and they wanted a film that utilized that concept, represented Bodmin College’s Sixth Form and made sure the Sixth Form stood out in a way that was fresh and gave them their own identity. The film was edited in various ways and used across a wide range of media to advertise the College.

Bodmin Cycling Town

Our brief was to deliver a film which was both informative for the Bodmin Community and to put the town on the map as a hub for cycling in Cornwall and the south west. The film was also presented at a transport event to showcase the innovative project.

Abby Glencross Interview Bodmin College

A case study film to speak to their target audience from a student’s perspective.

The Scarlet

Our brief was to create a film for the Scarlet website. They felt that they needed a film to help them communicate their brand. However, they didn’t need or want anything salesy. We decided to focus on the idea that an adults only hotel could still be fun.

Unlocking Potential

This film was a part of a bigger project where we were gathering content to showcase Unlocking Potentials clients and success stories to target both potential clients and future funding. We made this overall edit to incorporate a few of the businesses to use at an awards event.

Falmouth University Tender | Idenna Creative