Join the #MixtapeChallenge

We asked our team to send us 5 tracks that have kept them inspired, creative and motivated over the past few months of working from home. The result is a super-eclectic mashup of funk, hip hop, rock, indie, pop and general madness. Here’s how you can take part and join the #MixtapeChallenge:

The rules

1. Ask each member of your team to give you 5 tracks that have kept them motivated during lockdown/working from home

2. Create a playlist on Spotify

3. Share the playlist on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram and tag us in the update so we can feature it

4. Challenge 2 other businesses to make their own mixtapes

BONUS GAME! We’ve had a lot of fun guessing who chose which tracks! To play, ask one person to upload all the tracks in blocks (we submitted x5 songs each) and then ask your team to guess which section belongs to who…

Idenna’s mixtape

Rugged Interactive’s mixtape

Fluid Branding’s mixtape

Join the #MixtapeChallenge | Idenna Creative